We officially launch our website on 7th September 2017.

About Us

We are MyanmarDevJobs Team who try to make developer/designer life easy on looking for jobs. Since I am a developer, I get a lot of requests to look for developer. Also, the developer asks me about the jobs. That's why I created this website.

Support to Keep this Website Alive

Hi, I am the creator this website. I keep improving the website and content as much as I can. I am loving to make developers to get jobs and getting talent developers for Companies. I don't get the revenue from this website. I have costs to work on this website. In order to help me keep on this website, please do support me. It does not matter it's 1,000MMK or 10,000MMK or even 100MMK. But, it will keep this website running with high-quality contents. The following are my banks accounts.

  • CB BANK ACC <0036600100031372>
  • AYA BANK ACC <0004223010002110>